Toorak College is situated on Old Mornington Road, Mt.Eliza.

*Our March 24th face to face meeting will be held in the Toorak College Library. This space is more conducive to discussion. Please bring your laptops. Report to reception on arrival for visitors nametags and directions to the Library.

Driving directions to Toorak College92.5 km – about 1 hour 26 mins
external image icon_greenA.pngexternal image icon_greenA.png
Melbourne International TerminalAustralia

Head northeast on Departure Dr toward Melbourne Dr
external image camera_dr1.png
0.7 km
Slight left at Melbourne Dr
external image camera_dr1.png
0.3 km
Continue on Tullamarine Fwy
external image camera_dr1.png
10.6 km
Merge onto Citylink
external image camera_dr1.png
10.8 km
Take the exit onto W Gate Fwy
external image camera_dr1.png
3.1 km
Continue on Burnley Tunnel
external image camera_dr1.png
3.7 km
Slight right at Citylink
external image camera_dr1.png
3.7 km
Continue on Monash Fwy
external image camera_dr1.png
25.5 km
Take the exit onto S Gippsland Fwy
external image camera_dr1.png
6.9 km
Continue on Western Port Hwy
external image camera_dr1.png
4.2 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Thompsons Rd
external image camera_dr1.png
4.0 km
Continue on Thompson Rd
external image camera_dr1.png
3.6 km
Take the ramp onto Mornington Peninsula Fwy
external image camera_dr1.png
2.2 km
Continue on Frankston Fwy
external image camera_dr1.png
7.1 km
Continue on Moorooduc Hwy
external image camera_dr1.png
0.2 km
Turn right at Cranbourne Rd
external image camera_dr1.png
0.9 km
Turn right at Cranbourne Frankston Rd
external image camera_dr1.png
40 m
Turn right at Playne St
external image camera_dr1.png
0.4 km
Turn left at Nepean Hwy
external image camera_dr1.png
3.2 km
Turn right at Old Mornington Rd
external image camera_dr1.png
0.2 km
Turn left to stay on Old Mornington Rd
external image camera_dr1.png
If you take this route you will be travelling on the M1 freeway. This will require a daypass for citylink as you will be driving through tollways. It is the quickest access route to the school. The M1 freeway now has an extension to Frankston. Take this extension and you will meet up with the Mornington Peninsula freeway at Seaford. In good traffic conditions you can get to Frankston from the airport in 50 mins or so.

Yes, it is a long way from the airport, but the campus is lovely and we will extend a very warm welcome to you when you arrive!
There is supposed to be a google map embedded above. The preview page has it showing, but when I press save I can't see it!! Way frustrating.

Hotel accomodation:

Wotif has accomodation options for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula. The closest accomodation is around Frankston, Frankston South, Mt.Eliza and Mornington. I wouldn't look for options further down the Mornington Peninsula. They would be too far from the school.

Quest Apartments in Frankston offers quality accomodation with internet access. Probably pricier than other options. I've rung Quest and they have said they could offer pricing ranging from $130.00 - 152.00 a night, but if a group booking is made and it is made clear it is for an education conference they may be able to arrange a cheaper price.

Frankston International Hotel says they can offer twin rooms for $119.00 a night. They provide wireless internet for $5.00 an hour.

Arriving at Toorak College:

Enter the college via the second gate if you are travelling along Old Mornington Road and coming from Frankston. Turn into the driveway and turn right. You will see the car parks. I will have our Physical Resources people arrange signage on the day. You will need to report to reception where you will be given a visitors badge. I will endeavour to meet you or have other members of our group assist you in finding your way around.