Collegiate School is the oldest independent school in the United States. It was founded in 1628 by the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church as a school for children of Dutch colonists. Originally housed on the southern tip of Manhattan (then known as New Amsterdam), the school has been located next to the West End Collegiate Church in the heart of the Upper West Side since 1892. Although the school maintains its historic ties with the church and shares some of its facilities, Collegiate is non-denominational churches and welcomes boys of all backgrounds.

The Collegiate School faculty who will be participating in this PLP session are:

Melanie Hutchinson, LS Curriculum Coordinator
Alex Ragone, Director of Technology
Bill Bullard, Academic Dean, English
Pascale Giroux, Learning Specialist, English
Max Grant, Religion, Chaplain
Ian Nixon, Lower School Technology Coordinator
Maggie Dixon, Head Librarian

Here's a copy of our presentation:

We'll be posting the video of our presentation as well as our brochure shortly.