Christchurch School is a boarding and day school located on the beautiful Rappahannock River in Middlesex County Virginia. For many years a traditional boarding school that served learners of many kinds, we are now engaged in a growth process to take full advantage of our location to provide students with a 21st century education through the uniqueness of our place.

Our PLP members:
Neal Keesee (Academic Dean and Assistant Head of School)
Alex Badillo (Spanish Instructor, soccer and drama, and Head of Hall)
Dale Peteron (Academic Technology and Fine Art Dept. Chair, Assistant Crew Coach)
Chris Carrillo (Science Dept. Chair)
Donny Pyles (Associate Academic Dean, History Dept. Chair)

Project Update
Although we've been a quiet bunch, it does not reflect on what we've learned, what we have planned and what we have accomplished. Christchurch School is in the middle of undergoing a educational transformation. We are overhauling our curriculum to take advantage of our location along the shores of the Rappahannock River. We are committed to differentiated instruction where teachers know their students and their subject, and adapt teaching to maximize student potential. This entails using a variety of instruction and assessment techniques, so that we make connections with past student experience and create meaningful educational experiences in the present. Connections and engagement make meaning!

We are aligning our curriculum across grade levels to maximize the connections between disciplines. To this end technology will play a key role in connecting students to students, students to teachers and students to the world. This is where the guidance of PLP has made an impact. This year we have seen increased usage of wikis by teachers. The use of a Ning for discussions in Biology and Physics class was phenomenal and will provide data and statistics to convince naysayers of its usefulness and success. Recently, Christchurch has started a school blog that is a record of its journey. As more teachers see and participate in the proper use of these tools, more teachers asking how to use them and how to get started. With this in mind, Christchurch is planning for the future where web 2.0 technology is imbedded within the curricula. This is work in progress and will depend on the grade level projects that the grade level teams design next year. As part of this transformation, christchurch has decided to overhaul the library and update it to "library 2.0."


Links to some of our current sites
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