janesquare.jpgI have been a primary school teacher since 1992, beginning in Western Australia for 8 years before moving to Dunedin, New Zealand. My passion for ICT began in WA when I noticed, under a cloth in the back corner of the room, a strange box. This box intrigued me and I wondered how it could be used. I asked others. They had been using their boxes to either keep naughty children out of their hair or to reward fast workers with games. My first idea for using this box was during a maths unit on mapping, we decided to build a city in the sand pit, take aerial photos and put them on the computer to put a grid over them. A basic start, but one that let me see the creative potential rather than the word processing potential.

I haven't looked back. In NZ I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching endorsed in ICT, took over as the ICT co-ordinator of the school. I was then put forward to take up a position as an ICT Facilitator where I worked with 11 schools over 3 years to integrate ICT and effective teaching. I continued trying out new ideas with my students, one team of three students winning second place in the TVNZ Web Challenge competition in 2006. As a teacher I was awarded the Inspired Teaching Scholarship in 2006 and a Ministry of Education E-Fellowship in 2007.

In 2008 I resigned from my school. I am currently embarking on doctoral studies looking at the phenomenon of teachers and personal online learning networks. I am the ICT Facilitator for a new cluster of 10 schools across Dunedin (2 days a week) and also work for CORE Education as the online editor for The New Zealand Curriculum Online website, helping schools with the implementation of the new curriculum in New Zealand.

My passion is for students to experience the best quality learning and teaching possible. For this reason I am passionate about helping teachers be the best they can be.

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