Holy Family is a Catholic Primary School on the outskirts of Sydney NSW, Australia. The school is nestled in the safe, tranquil and semi-rural community of Luddenham. Holy Family provides Catholic education for students from Warragamba, Silverdale, Wallacia, Mulgoa, Luddenham, Badgerys Creek, Rossmore and Bringelly. The school has a population of about 375 students and is a two steam school with classes catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.
The school's website provides additional information about the school.

We wanted to be part of the PLP project as we have a desire to 'reach out' beyond the boundaries of our school and explore the opportunities available for our students, as a result of collaborative projects, -especially those that use Web2.0 tools.
Our Team consists of:

Tracey Tindall- (Kinder Teacher) Representing Early Stage 1/Stage 1

Phillip Magerison- (Year 4 Teacher) Representing Stage 2

Janine Whiteman (Year 5 Teacher) Representing Stage 3

Robyn Clarke, Acting Assistant Principal

Frances Manning, Teacher Librarian, Learning Technologies Coordinator, Team Leader

Here is a snapshot of the team's work over the time of PLP.

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