Hi there, I am the Director of Academic Technology for St. Christopher's School . I arrived at St. Christopher's in the fall of 1991 as an 8th grade science teacher with a Toshiba laptop. This bad boy had a 20 MB HD, 1 MB of RAM, a 2400 baud modem, and it was a blazing fast 11 MHz. Actually, it wasn't bad for a DOS based system and I never thought I would fill the HD. How things change!

I feel like I've been using technology forever and a science teacher, I've always had a knack for problem solving, so grinding through DOS didn't bother me much. I did however grow quite fond of Quattro, which was a pretty powerful SS for its time. My next venture in "academic tech" came 2 years later when I happened to find an LCD panel with 8 shades of gray that projected the content from my laptop. From that moment on, my teaching had changed. My students were engaged, I was facing the class rather than the board, and unknown to me at the time, CDs were right around the corner.

I no longer teach science but I still keep my hand in the classroom by teaching an 8th grade computer applications elective. Staying in contact with the classroom in my opinion is my greatest asset. My classes often act as my guinea pigs as I explore new applications and it is this practical experience that often provides the validity needed for our teachers to explore the new technologies.

I am also responsible for overseeing our SIS-Whipple Hill, and I work with many of the other information systems on our campus. But my true passion is in the area of academic technology because I will always be a teacher a first!


Twitter: cuevash
Skype: hiram.cuevas
Blog: http://cuevash.blogspot.com I just started this blog so we'll see how it goes.