Hi, I am the new Director of Academic Technology for Norfolk Academy. I started working here in 1996, just after the school completed the Batten Library and completed their first computer network with every classroom connected to the network and a media delivery system. I was brought in to manage media delivery system and I have held various positions since then. My current role also includes the job of webmaster. I feel like I've been helping people increase their comfort level with technology for over 23 years. I am able to understand most technical issues and walk people through troubleshooting over the phone, which has helped me in several jobs outside education. I have worked for the largest computer manufacturer in the world, have a graduate degreee in radio, television and motion pictures and another in education.

My greatest satisfaction is in the classroom, helping students and teachers master the use of technology - sometimes just in time, but always with the goal of giving them a foundation to understand why they need to do this not just walking them through the steps.

I was teaching in the web 2.0 classroom using nTalk and lotus notes while teaching at Elon College (now Elon University) in the early 90's. Looking at the social impact of communications convergence and technology integration is my primary area of research. I spend most of my days talking to teachers, helping them find a method or tool to help them better integrate their classroom with the technology available to them.

My other job as webmaster is the manager of our Whipple Hill content management system which I manage under the Communications Dept's direction. I love finding out about new technology not as the gadget guru, but in a guiding role to help teachers see the value of a new hardware, software or method of instruction. The applicability at our school and in our curriculum is where I really live day in and day out.